Congruent Investment Partners is creative and nimble in its investment approach. Whether providing mezzanine loans to asset-light operating companies, debt and equity capital for management buyouts, or growth capital for recurring revenue businesses, Congruent has the flexibility to provide thoughtful solutions throughout the capital structure. Every deal is completely unique, which allows the team to craft solutions tailored to each specific investment in lieu of a standardized template financing structure.

Transaction Type

Acquisition Financing

Attractive acquisition financing candidates include:

  • Operators that are making an acquisition and need more capital than traditional banks and senior lenders will provide
  • Private equity sponsors seeking mezzanine debt for an acquisition opportunity
  • Independent sponsors with a compelling acquisition opportunity

Growth Capital

Companies with a growth opportunity that prefer raising non-dilutive debt capital or less-dilutive minority equity rather than selling control of the company.


Typical recapitalizations involve owners taking money off the table to realize some of the value they’ve created or seeking to consolidate ownership by buying out minority shareholders.

Management Buyouts and Partner Buyouts

  • Management Buyouts (MBOs): Existing operators and / or members of management seeking to buyout the majority owner
  • Partner Buyouts: Minority owners seeking liquidity or a full exit from the business
  • Estate Planning: Liquidity for ownership succession transfers

Investment Securities


Secured Loan:

Typical loan structures include first lien and second lien loans secured by the cashflows and/or assets of the business.

Mezzanine Loan:

Mezzanine debt is a junior debt security, typically subordinate to senior bank debt. Companies commonly seek mezzanine debt financing to fill a funding gap in excess of what their existing senior lender will provide for acquisition financing, growth capital, recapitalization, etc.


Equity structures include preferred equity, convertible equity, common equity and warrants.

Industry Focus

Investment Parameters

  • Revenue:
    $10 million - $100 million
    $2 million - $10 million+
  • Investment Size:
    $5 million - $20 million+
  • Security:
    Secured Debt, Mezzanine Debt, and Equity
  • Location:
    United States