About Us

Congruent Investment Partners, LLC, a private investment firm based in Dallas, Texas, primarily invests in lower middle market companies. Congruent manages capital in long-term private funds, partnerships, and SPVs, with an investor base comprising foundations, endowments, pension funds, insurance companies, and high net worth individuals.



Congruent acquires majority control of companies for the following:


Minority Equity and Mezzanine

Congruent makes non-control investments through minority equity and mezzanine structures by partnering with proven operators to facilitate their growth and recapitalization goals. Congruent creates alignment with existing ownership and management to properly incentivize the key value creators, while also providing oversight and governance based on its deep track record of investing in lower middle market businesses.


TYPE: Acquisition Financing

STRUCTURE: Minority Equity and Mezzanine Capital

DATE: 2016





An Oklahoma-based independent sponsor was seeking capital to effectuate the acquisition of an aerospace engineering firm focused on the development, certification and supply of certified performance improvement systems for commercial and general aviation aircraft worldwide.  The independent sponsor brought significant value through their extensive aerospace experience, a solid operational track record and meaningful skin in the game in the form of cash equity invested.


Congruent structured a $10,000,000 investment comprising a second lien term loan and an equity co-investment, providing significant flexibility in order to reduce the debt service burden on the business and instead allow for future excess cash flow to be reinvested for growth.  Congruent’s prior expertise across multiple aerospace transactions was value-add throughout the underwriting process.